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Working with you has made an enormous difference in my life. I remember you telling me that there is something I am here to do in this lifetime that nobody else can do. That was so profound for me.

You helped me get my life in order and make huge changes. I moved away from a life that wasn't mine, into my own life and onto my life path. You helped me believe it was possible, to trust myself and to find the tools to do it...

You have a wonderful combination of great gentleness and great strength. You've always accepted, valued and believed in me. You worked with who I was. You asked me to stretch. You got me to reach for things I didn't know I could do but that seemed possible, and I did them.

You have really helped me open up to my greatness and to know that I'm here to do something big - I'm not here to play small. You have helped me to recognize my gifts and show them to the world.

Iris Weaver
Spiritual Herbalist, Educator and Healer

About Reggie

Reggie Odom - hailed as "The Consciousness CEO" by one of her mentors - is a professional coach and mentor specializing in transformation and leadership. She is also an inspirational speaker, spiritual teacher, writer, intuitive and life purpose hand analyst.

Reggie's mission is to inspire, empower and call forth greatness. She helps women entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and artists step into their greatness where playing small is no longer an option.

She is considered a master teacher and an unforgettable speaker, inspiring and compelling audiences at professional conferences, universities and hospitals, public schools, business groups, agencies and the Unity Church. Reggie has been presenting personal and professional development programs for over 25 years.

Reggie's professional life has reflected her passion and her mission from the beginning. As an Intercollegiate Athletic Director, Championship Coach and National Sports Official she inspired and empowered athletes to see themselves as winners.

She coached a no-win basketball team to a championship team, and a cross country team of mostly new runners to surprising success. The majority of the athletes in her programs also maintained honor roll status.

More recently, Reggie was a lecturer at Simmons College Graduate School of Social Work for ten years, a Life Skills Consultant to the Boston Public Schools and is currently on the faculty at the National Institute of Whole Health.

Reggie is a professional coach certified by both the prestigious Coaches Training Institute and the International Coach Federation. She received her masters degree with a clinical emphasis from the Smith College of Social Work.

She has completed a professional internship and a teacher development intensive in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) at the UMass Medical School's Center for Mindfulness founded by Jon Kabat Zinn.

Reggie is currently living in the Los Angeles area after a year long spiritual journey with her dog-child Olle. This journey took them from Boston via Tucson and the Texas Hill Country NW of San Antonio to their eventual new home on the west coast.


What Reggie Says About Her Own Path And The Foundation Of Her Work.

I know how painful it is to hide out - to play small - because I've been there. I was afraid of my own power. On the other hand I was afraid of being found out as an impostor.

I made a decision to be average at a traumatic time in my life. When I was entering high school, I no longer wanted to stand out - it felt too hard and I felt very alone.

Even so, I continued to find myself in leadership positions throughout my life and success came easily when I did "show up." But it didn't sink in. I didn't recognize myself as a leader or as being successful. As a result I held myself back.

It is not easy to sit with the pain of hiding out or playing small so I distracted myself with relationship and money dramas and more than one addiction. Over the long term, these contributed to my pain and inner isolation - they kept me playing small.

At a major turning point, I was serendipitously led to a spiritual program that helped me "wake up" and provided the basis for a foundation that I needed to change my life.

"I call you forth to the dance of your deepest connection."

Today instead of hiding out, I am on a mission to inspire and provide empowering and transformational experiences for women - to recognize, inspire and call forth their own inner greatness. Or as part of my soul purpose statement says, "I call you forth to the dance of your deepest connection."

What I've Learned:

What I've learned from my own experience and in working with thousands of people over my professional life is that a spiritual foundation is necessary for real success and fulfillment.

You have to:

*Remember who you really are and where your true source of power is.
*Take responsibility for your life and the gifts you have been given.
*Ask for and be willing to receive help and
*Consciously contribute to something larger than you.

I am continually reminded of the quote from the lesser known Gospel of Thomas, "If you bring forth that which is within you, it will save you. If you do not bring forth that which is within you it will destroy you."

It is both a spiritual invitation and an imperative to step into our greatness, bring our gifts out into the world and let our lights shine. In doing this, we not only thrive but we are naturally in service to all of humanity.

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