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"I'm a pretty self-sufficient, self-guided person though my answers have often been hidden within excuses and old beliefs, which were frustrating and paralyzing. Reggie helped me see through all the rhetoric and pointed me towards my heart's desire, using a combination of what's written on my own hands and her extraordinary gift of divining the truth. I never would have had the courage to dub myself an "artisan" without Reggie's unique support. Thank you from the bottom of my artsy heart, Reggie."

Christine Pepper
Wong Artisan of Silly Art

Once Upon a Time - The Princess, the Queen and She (Part II)
By Reggie Odom


SHE began to talk to the Princess and the rest of the she's and he's in the room about her vision. She knew she was speaking clearly and with more intention. She was putting more of herself forth. She could feel the silence in the room - she knew she had everyone's complete attention. Something really important was happening here. She knew she was being seen and heard at a profound level. She knew that what she was doing here was having a significant impact on the room, but

"But what is "IT?'" she asked. "I don't know what it is."

"You do." the scribe said. "I've written it down twice. You've already said it."

"What did I say?" SHE asked. At key times during high school, and later on in her life as a professional, she had often spoken in and in front of plenty of groups, making a significant impact and hearing about it from others. More often than not, she didn't remember what she had said.

The scribe replied, "You said you help people step into their greatness."

SHE knew this was true. This was "IT" essentially, but she also knew there was another part to this. She knew that she had to first step into her own greatness.

The Queen of Bodacious Breakthroughs stood up in the back of the group, which by now was most of the 50+ participants. Yes, there was a Queen at the retreat who had actually claimed being Queen - of Bodacious Breakthroughs - just the day before.

The Queen stood up, all 73 bodacious inches of her, and said, "I have a domain that is 'Stepping into Your Greatness'. It's yours if you want it."

SHE turned around to face the Queen, and said in her most gracious and humble Southern way, "How can I turn down a gift like that?"

"NO," said the Queen. "If you want it, you have to take it."

SHE knew what the Queen meant. She stood up, faced her front on, and then stepped forward toward the Queen in her own most natural and bold regality, "I want it!" she proclaimed and stood firmly. In those moments she had energetically, fully stepped into her own greatness.

The energy was electric in the room.

"Before you take it," the Queen said, "You have to tell the Princess."

SHE turned around, faced the Princess, and said, "Step into Your Greatness." The room burst into applause.

SHE had stepped through a door through which she knew she would never return - the journey backwards would not be safe. The journey forward from here was yet to be determined.

One thing she did know, as she reflected on her experience later that day, was that she had spoken, stood, and stepped forward for everyone in the room. And in the bigger picture, that's a part of what greatness is all about - the story continues.

Questions to explore:

  1. What does greatness mean to you?
  2. When have you stepped into your greatness?
  3. Are you ready to step into your greatness - where playing small is no longer an option - and close the door behind you?
  4. If the answer is yes to #3, what will it take for you to do that?

Remember: Step into your greatness now - where playing small is no longer an option! It's the most natural thing you'll ever do.

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