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Christine Pepper
Wong Artisan of Silly Art

What If You Were Queen?
By Reggie Odom


I’ve been thinking about Queendom for years. In the sense of a state of mind and being that includes thinking like a Queen, living like a Queen and leading like a Queen in your business. Even more important, valuing yourself like a Queen. Recently I’ve been inspired by Gina DeVee and her focal work on the (Queen) Esther Experience.

Now I’m sitting here in one of the big, soft chairs at Borders Cafe where I most often write my articles. My partner just showed up, walked over to me and said, “You look like a Queen sitting there.” The article for the day has been inspired.

Here’s another part to this story. My mother gave me the name Regina, which means Queen. I’ve been called Reggie since my collegiate days as an athlete. With the option of Reggie, I felt a sense of relief. Regina seemed a bit heavy, quite an expectation to live up to. I do believe my mother had high hopes.

And I was afraid of my own power.

But this isn’t just about me, it’s about all women. Have you ever been afraid of your own power?

One of the biggest reasons women hold themselves back is that they are afraid of their own power, even if subconsciously. As a result we have held ourselves back, played small and failed to fully express the truth that lives inside of us.

The inhibition of fully expressing themselves is killing women. If not physically, then spiritually and emotionally. And truth be told, it has significant physical implications as well.

Real power is not something to fear. Real power is the power that lies at the core of who you are. Real power is at your disposal all the time, to be expressed for the good and to empower all that you are and do. It is an aspect of your true nature.

One of the characteristics of Indigo Children is a feeling of royalty, a feeling that they deserve to be here. These qualities have to do with valuing themselves without question.

What would be different if you too decided to claim your royalty? To be Queen in your life and business? To live and lead like a Queen?

I invite you to take some royal time for yourself, apart from the busyness and dailyness that may consume much of your precious time and energy. And get in touch with your Inner Queen. That aspect of you that values who you are for no other reason than that.

Embrace your Inner Queen for a day! Let her rule!

* How would you be different in your personal life?
* In your business?
* In your dress?
* In your habits?
* In your conversation?

You might find that royalty resonates beautifully with you. You might even want to take it on for life. Go ahead!

Step Into Your Greatness!
Listen to and follow your Inner Queen! She is You!
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